Defeated Hollow Knight Silksong fans are keeping expectations in check for the Nintendo Direct Partner Showcase: "I have run out of clown makeup long ago"

Hollow Knight
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The Hollow Knight community is trying something drastically new for the upcoming Nintendo Partner Direct Showcase: expecting nothing for Silksong. 

Following years of next to no news for Silksong, the Hollow Knight community is just about defeated at this point. It used to ironically don the 'clown makeup' for each and every showcase, expecting to be disappointed when there inevitably wasn't any news for the hotly anticipated Hollow Knight Silksong

Now, the community is just about done with the cycle of anticipation and disappointment. Just below, for example, the 'Daily Silksong News' Twitter account, which makes a habit of chronicling every day that Silksong doesn't get news, has said it's pretty much out of clown makeup at this point, so long has the wait for news dragged on.

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Elsewhere, others among the Hollow Knight community just aren't expecting any news whatsoever. There's a slew of examples like the tweet just below, where fans are actually encouraging each other not to get excited for the new Nintendo Partner Showcase later today because they feel like they're only in for disappointment. 

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To be fair to the Silksong community, it's spent well over three years waiting for even the tiniest glimpse of the new Hollow Knight game, and it's still been left wanting. The anticipation has been so bad over the past six months or so, that one Silksong playtester told fans that there "simply are no f***ing updates."

Just last week marked the fifth anniversary of Silksong's announcement, and one developer spent the occasion reassuring fans that the team was "hard at work." Silksong is without a doubt still on the way, and still in development, we just don't know when it'll see the light of day.

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