Five years after it was announced, Hollow Knight: Silksong devs assure rabid fans they are "still hard at work on the game"

Hollow Knight: Silksong
(Image credit: Team Cherry)

Hollow Knight Silksong's devs are still hard at work on the game, which is the only update you're getting for the sequel right now.

Yesterday, February 14, was obviously Valentine's Day around the world, and Team Cherry marked the date in the briefest of ways. "Happy Valentine's Day everyone. In case you were wondering, we are still hard at work on the game," said Matthew Griffin, who heads up marketing and publishing for Silksong developer Team Cherry, in the game's Discord channel.

The news that Team Cherry is still working hard on Silksong shouldn't be a great surprise to anyone who's been following the game over the last few years. It sort of goes without saying that the developers are working hard to get the anticipated game out of the door, but maybe it's still good to remind folk of the effort that's going on behind the scenes. 

As it happens, yesterday marked five years since Team Cherry first announced Hollow Knight Silksong. If you thought you were getting a hefty update on the long-gestating sequel, whether it had anything to do with Valentine's Day or not, you're sadly very much mistaken. 

Elsewhere, Silksong fans are still getting ready to delete their own Hollow Knight subreddit by the end of the month. This is all in an effort to get the attention of Team Cherry, although you've got to imagine the developer is keeping a pretty close eye on its community. Still, the dedicated subreddit could very well be gone by the end of February.

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