Deadpool game in the works by Transformers developer High Moon Studios

San Diego Comic Con has already proven to be chock-full of gaming goodness this year, with release dates, new titles, and other big reveals coming out of the San Diego-based convention, but it looks like the best is yet to come.

Rumors are floating around that High Moon Studios, the team behind Transformers: War for (and the upcoming Fall of) Cybertron, is developing a Deadpool game. Actually, when we say rumors, we mean "it's pretty much official." It hasn't been totally, super-duper confirmed – that's expected to come at a panel later today – but there's a teaser website and some graffiti'd signs around the convention center that make it more than a little likely.

Besides being cool news, there's also a precedent for the game being awesome. Don't forget that Activision publisher an M-rated Wolverine game a few years back that was actually quite badass, so we know the publisher is willing to allow developers to create bloody and bloody good comic book games when the IP allows it – and with Deadpool, the IP totally allows it.

Heck, he could even be voiced by Nolan North without people complaining. North has been the voice of Deadpool for years, appearing as the character in several Activision and Capcom-published Marvel games, so it would make sense for Nathan Drake to put on a red mask and cut faces off.

We're expecting more news soon, so stay tuned for all the Deadpooly goodness you can handle.

Hollander Cooper

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