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Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld says Marvel's five-year schedule does not include Deadpool 3

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The wait for Deadpool 3 just got a little longer. Ryan Reynolds may have previously called the Merc with a Mouth joining the MCU a "win for everyone involved," yet fans won't be seeing the red-suited anti-hero on screens again for quite some time. 

That's according to Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld, who recently claimed to have seen Marvel's schedule "for the next, give or take, five years" and confirmed that Deadpool 3 does not feature. 

"Regardless of whatever inside perspective I may have, what I do know is that until a movie is put on a schedule, it's not taken seriously," Liefeld told gizmodo (opens in new tab). "And what people don't like is that I have assessed the schedule for the next, give or take, five years and I don't see Deadpool on it. [So] I don't see that it can arrive earlier than that."

Considering how Marvel Phase 4 (opens in new tab) is already stacked, the news that we're still a few years away from seeing Deadpool return should come as no surprise. Speaking to GamesRadar+ (opens in new tab) about Deadpool 3, Reynolds said that he still had no idea about when the character could – or would – crossover. 

"It’s just all so new with it being over at Marvel now, and, you know, figuring out the ins and outs as much as I can, from where I sit," he said. "We’ll see."

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