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Deadpool 2 casts a major villain, and it's… a pretty obscure one with plant powers

Even if you don't know Marvel comics lore, you've probably heard of X-Men villains like Magneto, Sabretooth, and the like. Well, that's definitely not the caliber of villain we'll see in Deadpool 2, according to Deadline. The outlet reports that Jack Kesy (The Strain, Baywatch 2017) will be playing Black Tom in the highly-anticipated sequel.

For those not in the know, Black Tom is a mutant villain who is able to manipulate (and even change his physical form into) plant matter. His main shtick is channeling biokinetic energy through wood to create concussive blasts. So, yeah. Plants. Wood. Not a super intimidating guy, right?

The really interesting thing is that Tom's partner in crime was often Cain Marko, AKA Juggernaut. So will we see Juggernaut in Deadpool 2? Honestly, probably not. Ol Jughead's not typically thought of as a Deadpool villain, and I'm probably reading too much into this. Still, if Black Tom is gonna show up, I think it'd be nice to give his beefcake brother-in-arms another shot on the big screen. Preferably in a way that didn't reference a meme this time. As for Black Tom…

Did I mention he controls plants?

Oh well. At least we've got Josh Brolin as Cable, and Deadpool 2's post-credits scene will reportedly set up an X-Force movie. That's good!

Sam Prell
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