Dead or Alive 3DS shows bouncy new screens, adds 'Dimensions' subtitle

It's very exciting to still be at the stage where it's unclear exactly how good the graphics will be on a new machine. If Dead Or Alive: Dimensions is anything to go by, 'freakin' amazing' is a good starting point. And that's before you take into account the magnificent 3D effect that will make Kasumi's assets even more'outstanding' than usual. Check out the new screens, as seen onFamitsu:

Above: Kasumi smacks Ayane on the chin while sakura falls all around. Must look great in 3D

Above: Kasumi's hair flows like silk as she smashes her brother Hayate in the ear. Best-rendered leg ever?

Above: Ayane gets her own back - but look at the depth of field effect on that background. Yum

Above: The character models are easily Xbox 1 standard, and the background echoes the Dreamcast original

Above: Special effects are the order of the day. Shame we can't see the screen furniture too

Above: Now that's impressive. Imagine this happening in the palm of your hand. Bring on March!

Above: It wouldn't be a Dead or Alive game without a teasing glimpse of female undergarment. Pantsu!

Above: Why not combine the lot? Great character models, flashy lightning and pants. This game cannot fail

The game has cunningly taken on a 'Dimensions' sub-title to replace '3D'. We're preparing ourselves for a flood of clever puns and acronyms, like we had with DS versions of popular games. Resident Evil: Deadly Silence, anyone? Still, it's great to have a new DOA fighting game on the way. Beach Volleyball is all well and good, but even the girls would rather be fighting.

So how good do you reckon it looks? These screens are a bit fuzzy, but I reckon it looks at least as good as the PS2 version of DOA2:

Above: In fact, this PS2 shot looks a bit sterile in comparison...

Roll on 3DS, whenever your release date may be...

09 Sep, 2010


Justin Towell

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