Dead Island Collectibles guide

Parking Lot

You’ll first gain access to the parking lot/hotel for the “Born To Be Wild” main quest. Make sure to grab all the collectibles you can while you’re inside, because much of the area will be blocked off permanently once you finish the quest.

#40 (ID Card #30) Walk straight ahead upon entering the hotel. This ID is on a couch between two elevator doors.

#41 (Banoi Herald Excerpt #16) As you proceed through the hotel, look for this small room to your left with an overturned chair (and a zombie waiting to pounce) just inside the doorway. The fact is on the table. If you see the gift shop, you’ve gone a bit too far.

#42 (ID Card #28) After you speak to Davies and drop through the elevator, look for a corpse in front of the door leading to the kitchen. The ID is right next to that corpse.

#43 (ID Card #27) Once in the kitchen area, look for the freezer room with the hanging meat. The ID card is next to a corpse on the floor.

#44 (Banoi Herald Excerpt #15) If you follow the objective path, you’ll eventually come out of the kitchen. Keep an eye out for a luggage cart here. Check it for the excerpt.

#45 (ID Card #29) Just before you use the double doors to exit the bathroom area, check the shelf here for an ID. This shelf is in the small area that connects the showers to the toilets.

#46 (Banoi Herald Excerpt #13) In the same room where you find Ken’s morphine. Check the desk in the corner.

#47 (Banoi Herald Excerpt #14) After Ken dies (oops spoiler!) you’ll have access to a set of double doors that was locked before. Go through these doors, then enter the office straight ahead. The excerpt is on the first desk on your left.

#48 (Tape #3) Exit the office mentioned above and move to the nearby lounge. On a small table next to the windows, you’ll find a tape.

#49 (ID Card #26) Check the first desk once you enter the server room.


#50 (ID Card #41) Inside this restaurant, behind the counter.

#51 (Banoi Excerpt #17) On one of the wooden outdoor patio tables.

#52 (Tape #5) Break into the Agdat shop and look on a wall shelf near the vending machine.

#53 (ID Card #34) By an upside down car near where the bridge is out.

#54 (Banoi Excerpt #23) Inside the “abandoned house” next to the toilet. This is also the house where you kill Mugamba’s wife and child if you accepted his side quest.

#55 (ID Card #39)Just off the main street on a small table. It’s near the fire hydrant.

#56 (ID Card #32)To get into this warehouse, you need to start the “Heroes and Villains” side quest. To initiate that, talk to Vang Chi, who is standing outside an alley entrance just southeast of the pumping station, in the western portion of Moresby. The ID is on a table just before you reach Vang Chi’s daughter.

#57 (Boston Herald Excerpt #19) On a table just off the street, behind the wrecked ambulance.

#58 (ID Card 35) On the counter inside the gas station.

#59 (ID Card 38) This card is inside a store, on a counter. You can’t access this store until the “Picture of Bliss” quest, but if you climb onto the roof from the north (as pictured above) and you have enough health, you can drop through the center of the building and simply walk through the wall into the shop. The drawback to this method is that you can’t get out without killing yourself or loading a checkpoint.

#60 (ID Card #31) On the ground, in this alley. Enter from the north or the east.

#61 (Tape #4) On this rooftop. Look for a ladder on the north side.

#62 (Banoi Herald Excerpt #18) On a mattress on the second floor of the church, near Raymond.

#63 (ID Card #43) Inside the abandoned house on a shelf near the door. You can only enter this house during the “Uninvited Guests” side quest, and you cannot re-enter once the quest is over, meaning this collectible is extremely important (and the game design is particularly poor).

#64 (ID Card #42) Found on a mattress in this back alley.

#65 (Banoi Herald Excerpt #21) On a table near a workbench.

#66 (ID Card #37) On the roof. Look for a ladder on the north side of the building to the right of this one to gain access.

#67 (Banoi Herald Excerpt #22) Next to the bunk beds in the abandoned house during the “A New Broom Sweeps Clean” quest. It’s the first room you find yourself in after entering from the roof.

#68 (ID Card #58) In the bathroom of the same abandoned house.

#69 (ID Card #36) In front of the door that you come out of after completing the “A New Broom Sweeps Clean” quest. You can find it on between some large water jugs.

#70 (ID Card #59) In the 2nd floor bedroom of this abandoned house, at the foot of the bed. You gain access to this house during the “Grasp All, Lose All” side quest. You cannot return here once you complete the quest, so make sure to grab this one!

#71 (ID Card #33) There is a small table between two chairs here on a checkered patio. The card is on that table.

#72 (ID Card #60) There’s an abandoned house here related to the “Blood Ties” side quest. Enter the house, walk straight ahead, and enter the room on your right. You’ll find the ID on a small table.

#73 (ID Card #45) Between a chair and a red propane tank, on the ground.

#74 (Banoi Herald Excerpt #20) Inside this shop, on a metal shelf near the vending machine.

#75 (ID Card #40) Look for a ladder leading up to this roof area. The card is on a mattress.

#76 (ID Card #44) There’s a small table off the road, near one of the sewer entrances.