Dead Island Collectibles guide


#77 (ID Card #46) On the desk across from the sewer control panel.

#78 (Banoi Herald Excerpt #24) While in the sewers during the “Let the Waters Flow,” after you activate the control panel, you’ll come upon an option to choose a door to the left or to the right. Go right, and continue until you find a small room containing only a workbench. The excerpt is on the workbench.

#79 (ID Card #48) During the “Let the Waters Flow” quest, you’ll run into a Floater while navigating the narrow corridors. After you pass the Floater, look for a door on the left that will lead you to some luggage. The ID is in an open bag. If you see the suicide zombie you’ve gone too far.

#80 (ID Card #47) Look for a room with a workbench soon after grabbing the previous ID card. This card is on the bench.

#81 (ID Card #49) Once you go back down into the sewer from city hall (during the “Supermarket Journey” quest) you’ll soon find yourself in a large room with toxic water. Look for a ladder here that will lead you up to


You enter the market from the sewer during the “Supermarket Journey” quest.

#82 (ID Card #53) Pass the double doors that lead to the main market room. They have a “coffee” sign above them. Look for an office to the left. The card is on the desk.

#83 (ID Card #54) Look for a receptionist-type desk in the main market room. The ID card is by the phone on the desk.

#84 (Banoi Herald Excerpt #27) After leaving the main market room you’ll find yourself in a kitchen. Check the table.

#85 (Banoi Herald Excerpt #26) In the very next room, look for this excerpt on a bookshelf.

City Hall

Note that the three collectibles here can’t be picked up until you enter city hall for the second time during the “Bitter End” quest.

#86 (ID Card #51) As you climb the first set of winding stairs, look for this ID next to some lockers.

#87 (ID Card #52) Once you have the universal key, return to the second floor and look for a door leading to a small office. Inside on the desk you’ll find the card.

#88 (ID Card #50) As you near the end of “Bitter End,” you’ll find yourself in a room with a workbench and a thug. Search the bulletin board for the ID.

Police Station

(Sub-area of Moresby, #89-94)

The police station can be accessed during the “Lady in Trouble” main quest. You can re-enter later.

#89 (Tape #6) Look for a dead cop in the police station garage.

#90 (ID Card #56) In a cell at the end of a hallway, next to Bill.

#91 (Banoi Herald Excerpt #29) In the camera room on a table, down the hall from where you found the previous collectible.

#92 (ID Card #55) As you continue through the first floor, check this desk for an ID card. It’s in a room guarded by thugs.

#93 (Banoi Herald Excerpt #28) Once you get up to the second floor, hop over the overturned file cabinet and enter the room on your right. The excerpt is on one of the tables.

#94 (ID Card #57) In the last big room where you fight several thugs, check the cubicles in the far right corner. There’s a dead cop near the desk you’re looking for.