DC names new Detective Comics creative team

Detective Comics #1027
Dan Mora draws Batman from Detective Comics #1027's 'The Gift' (Image credit: DC)

Continuing an expected trend, Sunday afternoon DC revealed writer Mariko Tamaki and artist Dan Mora will be the new creative team of Detective Comics when the ongoing series returns to the publisher's schedule with issue #1034 on March 24. And like almost all the DC titles launching or returning after Future State revealed so-far, Tamaki and Mora are reuniting as its creative team after pairing on the lead Bruce Wayne feature in January and February's Future State: Dark Detective anthology limited series.

Tamaki and Mora previously teamed up for a contemporary Batman-Bruce Wayne story 'The Gift' for the celebratory anthology-format Detective Comics #1027 earlier in 2020. 

Newsarama has already confirmed James Tynion IV and Jorge Jimenez will continue as the creative team of the flagship Batman title when it returns in March, the so-far only pre-Future State creative team that will return in March for the publisher's line-wide refresh. 

The Detective Comics news was revealed at the end of the publisher's virtual Future State: Batman panel at Brazil's CCXP. 

page from January's Future State: Dark Detective #1drawn by Dan Mora (Image credit: DC)

DC has now revealed the creative team of eight new and returning series in March (see below) with all but Tynion and Jimenez carrying over in part or in whole from their Future State counterparts. Readers should expect a lot more carryover as more titles and creative teams are revealed over the next two weeks.

The new and returning series and their creative teams revealed so far are Wonder Woman, Wonder Girl, Swamp Thing, Suicide Squad, Teen Titans Academy, Green Lantern, and the returning Justice League Dark.

Another thing besides the creative team carryover DC readers might want to keep an eye on is whether the anthology format DC introduced for Future State titles featuring their most iconic characters - Wonder Woman, Batman (including Dark Detective), Superman, and Justice League - will also continue when the regular line returns in March. 

Both DC and Marvel have found recent success with larger-format (i.e. higher cover price) titles.

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