What DC says about the post-Future State Batman title

Batman #105 cover
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Readers will get a look into DC's near- and far-flung future in January and February 2021 with the 'Future State' event, but even before that's begun people are rightly wondering what the modern-day DCU look will like come March after that event. Well, we have some ideas.


Batman #104 cover (Image credit: Jorge Jimenez (DC))

Take for instance DC's de facto flagship title Batman, which is currently being written by James Tynion IV. While Tynion isn't writing Batman's Future State stories, he is involved - and DC has confirmed he will continue his Batman run after Future State.

"James' fingerprints are all over Future State, and I can confirm in March he and Jorge Jimenez will be back in Gotham City with Batman #106," Batman group editor Ben Abernathy tells Newsarama. "Jorge's already finished inking #106."

One thing you can expect to see in Batman after Future State is the origins of the two main antagonists of that January-February event's Batman titles: the Magistrate and Peacekeeper One.

"You'll be reading a lot about The Magistrate, and a character named Peacekeeper One in those Future State books, but it won't be until March and beyond that, you see their origins in the real, present-day Gotham City," Tynion said in an October edition of his newsletter, The Empire of the Tiny Onion. "Future State is meant to be a glimpse into a possible future of the DCU, filled with lots of Easter eggs that will hint at (but not bind) the direction of the line moving forward."

Dark Nights: Death Metal #7 cover (Image credit: DC)

And while Scott Snyder told Newsarama earlier this year that Dark Nights: Death Metal will be his last work for DC's central line for a while, he is ending it not only with an epilogue for Future State but also "a very special DC moment in March" after Future State not just specific to the Batman titles but also involve the other DC groupings, according to a tweet.

Could this be that mysterious second epilogue do Dark Nights: Death Metal #7 Newsarama wrote about last week? Seems logical, but we'll have to wait and see.

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