DC Future State Wonder Woman gets her own title as Wonder Girl

Concept art for Wonder Girl by Joelle Jones
(Image credit: DC)

Yara Flor, the new Wonder Woman of DC's upcoming Future State publishing line, which shows off the successors of DC's top heroes in various alt-futures, will get her own comic book limited series showing her contemporary career as Wonder Girl.

Yara Flor, created by Future State: Wonder Woman writer/artist Joëlle Jones, is a Brazilian woman who Deadline describes as "the daughter of an Amazon warrior and a Brazilian river god."

(Image credit: DC)

Future State is a finite, two-month event in January and February. Wonder Girl is almost certainly a limited series set in contemporary DC continuity when the publisher's regular line returns in March in which Yara Flor would be younger than her Future State incarnation, likely telling her origin.

The creator has confirmed the new series herself on Twitter.

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The Wonder Girl comic book was announced alongside a planned CW TV series starring Yara Flor as Wonder Girl from longtime CW-DC producer Greg Berlanti.

"Deep in the heart of the Amazon rainforest lies a hero of mythic legend...Wonder Woman!" reads DC's solicitation for Future State: Wonder Woman #1, in which Yara Flor makes her comic book debut.

"But in the absence of Diana, Yara Flor has risen out of obscurity to protect Man's World from the magic that lies within it," it continues. "Along with her trusty steed, she journeys to the Underworld to rescue one of her Themysciran sisters from the grasp of Hades."

"Will she unleash the wrath of this god in the process? You won't want to miss this first appearance of a character who will change the history of Wonder Woman forever!"

No specific release date for Wonder Girl #1 has been announced. Future State: Wonder Woman #1 is due out January 5.

Future State: Wonder Woman is part of the Future State Justice League line, for which DC just released its February 2021 solicitations.

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