Suicide Squad gets new ongoing series and tries to recruit Superboy, Swamp Thing gets limited series

Suicide Squad #1
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Update: DC has released new images and information about a series of new titles that will launch in March and April after Future State, including the ongoing Suicide Squad and a Swamp Thing limited series, which will both debut on March 3.

The 10-issue Swamp Thing will be written by Ram V and drawn by Mike Perkins. That is a correction of the original story that identified Swamp Thing as an ongoing series (corrected below). 

As for writer Robbie Thompson and artist Eduardo Pansica's Suicide Squad, DC confirms Peacemaker will take center stage in the series as Task Force X's leader.

"This series starts off with a bang, as Waller sends Peacemaker and Task Force X to recruit its next member – Talon, the master assassin from the Court of Owls," reads DC's description. "Meanwhile, she has her own hands full as she tries to recruit – Superboy?"

Original story follows

As Newsarama previously reported, despite it taking place in the future of DC continuity, readers can expect a lot of creative and editorial carryover when the main DC continuity titles return in March. Now a couple of weeks before their March 2021 solicitations are due, the publisher has begun revealing what their line-up is going to look like and sure enough, two Future State titles will precede two new titles by many of the same creators but set in current continuity. 

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During their virtual Future State: Justice League panel Friday at CCXP, DC announced writer Robbie Thompson, who is writing the main story in the two-issue Future State: Suicide Squad series, will write a new Suicide Squad ongoing series beginning March. 

He'll be joined by artist Eduardo Pansica. 

Suicide Squad's last 'ongoing' series ended with November's Suicide Squad #11 and it's no surprise a new series will launch considering James Gunn's film adaptation is due in theaters and on HBO Max in August.

And judging by the cover Peacemaker's role in the film (played by Jon Cena who is also getting an HBO Max spin-off streaming series) seems to be carrying over to the new series.

One character missing, however, appears to be Harley Quinn, a mainstay of the book since 2011's 'New 52.' 

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And writer Ram V and artist Mike Perkins will re-team and launch a new Swamp Thing 10-issue limited series in March.

The character's last title was the 2016 six-issue limited series by Swamp Thing's co-creator Len Wein and artist Kelley Jones. 

The new Swamp Thing and Suicide Squad series will join Joëlle Jones's Wonder Girl starring a younger version of Future State Wonder Woman's Yara Flor as the first titles revealed for DC's returning (but not rebooted) line.

DC has also revealed James Tynion IV and artist Jorge Jimenez will also return to the ongoing Batman title and Tynion has a second Batman-related title with artist Guillem March in the works. 

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