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Days of Play 2021 starts up next week, with PS5 avatar items and themes to be earned

Days of Play 2021
(Image credit: Sony)

Days of Play 2021 is here, featuring challenges, prizes, and a celebration sale for PlayStation gamers.

Days of Play 2021 (opens in new tab) is returning once again, giving PS4 and PS5 players a chance to unlock exclusive themes and avatar items by participating in community challenges. Days of Play 2021 kicks off on May 18 and will be split into three week-long stages, with each stage having its own community goals. You’ll need to register (opens in new tab) to take part in the event though. Days of Play registration is open now and will remain open until May 31.

During each stage of State of Play 2021, gamers will be tasked with a series of community goals that can be split into three categories: playing PS4/PS5 games, earning trophies, and bonus goals. The first two are pretty self explanatory. The community must play as many PS4 or PS5 games as possible during the week. Each PS4 or PS5 game must be played for at least one hour during the week to be counted.

Likewise with the trophies goal, players must collect trophies to add towards the community tally, with a limit of six trophies per player, per week. This means you can’t blast through a bunch of easy platinums and add hundreds of trophies to the tally. It’s got to be a community effort.

Finally, there is the bonus goal which will change every week. Sony has not announced what week one’s bonus goal will be yet.

So, what do you get for your troubles? Prizes, of course. Everyone who signs up to the Days of Play event can earn exclusive PSN avatars and PS4 dynamic themes when the community hits certain goals. There are prizes for each stage, and bonus prizes if all goals are reached.

Alongside the challenges and prizes, there will also be a Days of Play Celebration Sale on the PlayStation store later this month, and a free online multiplayer weekend later this month too.

Stage one starts on May 18 at 12am PDT/8am BST and runs through until May 24, 11.59pm PDT / May 25, 7.59am BST. The next two stages follow on in successive weeks, with the event coming to a close on June 7 11:59pm PDT / June 8, 7.59am.

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