Days Gone developer seems to enter pre-production on new game

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The studio behind Days Gone is apparently entering the pre-production stage on their next game, as suggested in a LinkedIn update spotted by DualShockers. Sony Bend's lighting lead, Jeremy Vickery, updated his LinkedIn work experience to include his time spent working on Days Gone, and within that description confirmed that the studio's next game had reached the pre-development stage.

Vickery, who's also worked as Assistant Art Director at Ubisoft and Lighting Artist at Naughty Dog, says he's "now involved in pre-production planning for our next title." Unfortunately no indication was given as to what the next project might be, so we're left to speculate about whether it could be a sequel to 2019's Days Gone or something new entirely. Though, considering how early Sony Bend's new project is in its development, we can say with near certainty that it'll wind up releasing on PS5.

If Sony Bend is indeed working on a Days Gone sequel, it's safe to say there's room for improvement. While reviews were largely mixed, there are some common themes when it comes to its flaws. Here's what our own Leon Hurley had to say in our review:

"Days Gone’s world is very much greater than the sum of it parts. Its haphazard nature wouldn’t have survived on a smaller scale, but this is a substantial thing. The story can be spotty, and the gameplay glitchy, but over tens of hours it evens out. It’s easier to forgive a scattered narrative and occasional Freaker standing ankle deep in asphalt when you can spend hours exploring, discovering, or fighting through what it has to offer."

Hopefully we'll get an official announcement and trailer for this intriguing project from the studio behind one of 2019's most polarizing games, especially now that the cat's out of the bag with regards to its development.

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