Day 3 of TF2's Über Update packs double-barreled freebies for the Soldier

Remember that time (yesterday), when we attempted to guess the theme of Team Fortress 2's Über Update Day 3 character packs, and I said, “My Mann Co. dollars are on World War Wednesday,” after which we all laughed, and laughed, and laughed? True, it didn't go down exactly that way, but the point is Valve has indeed rolled out new character packs for the Soldier, and they are indeed called World War Wednesday. Now ... where are my Mann Co. dollars?!?

This latest in a week-long string of TF2's Über Update reveals is different from theMobster MondayandTimbuk Tuesdayupdates in that World War Wednesday bestows two characters packs for the Soldier alone. The first, The General's Formals, includes the Mantreads, a pair of boots that deals extra squashing damage and offers -75% reduction in push force received from a hit; the Disciplinary Action, a speed boosting riding crop that cuts damage dealt by a quarter; and the Liberty Launcher, a rocket launcher boasting enhanced rocket speed and a slightly reduced clip size. The second pack, Airborne Armaments, comes equipped with the Reserve Shooter, a deadlier shotgun with a significantly reduced clip size; and the Market Gardener, a shovel that deals bonus damage while rocket jumping.

As GR member Theminimanx pointed out yesterday, the Timbuk Tuesday update contained hidden info on theScout's very own goodie pack. Itcomes withthe Soda Popper, a scattergun offering faster operation and the ability to build 'hype' which can be cashed in for mini-crits; the Atomizer, a bat that gives players the ability to triple jump; and the Winger, a more lethal pistol with (again) a reduced clip size.

Valve has not clarified how all these packs will be made available, but odds are they'll be stocked at no cost in the Mann Co. store. Today, Valve is scheduled to pull the sheet off its ultimate Über Update surprise, which the studio promises will be have been worth thehype. Just for fun, I'm guessing the finalpackwill be called (if it has a name) 'Waylay Thursday' or 'Feel Good Thursday'. Play along!

Jun 23, 2011

[Source:Team Fortress]

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