Dawnguard for PS3/PC not announced after 30 day Xbox exclusivity expires. 'WTF' says the collective PS3 and PC-owning world

Xbox 360 owners have been enjoying Dawnguard for a month already. Meanwhile, PS3 and PC owners have been gritting their teeth and doing their best impression of patient people as they waited for the 30 day exclusivity deal to lift so they could get in on the action. Only... the time's up and there's no release date for either platform. Incredulous, they turned to Bethesda on Twitter and demanded to know when the expansion would be released for their machines. Here's what they were met with:

That's from Bethesda's own VP of PR and Marketing, Pete Hines, whose curt remark instantly sent said PS3 and PC owners into meltdown as they boggled at the thought of the expansion never actually coming to their platforms at all. And with good reason - look at that last bit. "If we had news, I promise I'd tell you". That's 'I'd' as in 'I would, not 'I'll' as in 'I will'. Surely the inference there is that there isn't any news but if there were any, we'd be the first to know?

Throwing a modest mugful of water on the blazing inferno, Pete then added:

Phew. But also, crikey. So the expansion hasn't been officially announced for PS3 and PC (though everyone assumed it had - surely that's the whole point of the reported 30-day exclusivity deal?) but will probably/possibly come along at some point. Just not right now.

Above: This is what you're missing out on. Getting smacked in the face by Mumm-ra

How do you feel about the wait? You'll either be jumping up and down in elation if you're from the Xbox 360 camp, or gnashing your teeth and saying 'bite me' in a clever, vampire-related insult if you're playing Skyrim on PS3 or PC. Let us know in the comments.

Justin Towell

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