David Koepp writing Spider-Man 4?

You’d think that, with the Spider-Man movies rolling along nicely, the studio bods behind the franchise would want to keep things exactly the way they are.

But it would appear that Sony is looking to go back to the beginning for the next film – and based on what they’ve seen of number three, they’re apparently already planning for it – because they’re talking to David Koepp, who penned the first movie (and has just cracked the Indiana Jones IV script) to come back and crank out the fourth.

The second and third movies were written via the combined efforts of Smallville writers Alfred Gough and Miles Millar and the expert scripting skills of Alvin Sargent. And it’s possible that they all might take a pass at Koepp’s first draft.

But the writing stage isn’t the biggest challenge facing the producers of the embryonic fourth Spider-outing. Nope, that would be getting the cast and Sam Raimi back. With their contracts only stretching as far as this latest third effort, and several cast members – particularly Kirsten Dunst – hinting that they’re not sure about making any more Spidey films, the studio will be re-negotiating with everyone. Though we’re guessing that trucks full of money sent to their homes will help the process along a little.

And this early confidence in Spidey 3 bodes well. If the studio’s already considering a fourth when all they’ve seen is a rough cut of the third, then chances are we’re in for a real treat this May.