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Darn the Sun, Dark Souls Remastered has been delayed on Nintendo Switch

Looks like the old saying's coming true for Dark Souls Remastered on Nintendo Switch: good deaths come to those who wait. That is how the saying goes, right? Anyway, the official Fromsoftware Twitter account revealed that particular version of the game has been pushed back from its previously announced May 25, 2018 release date to 'summer 2018', though the other console versions will still arrive on time.

Citing "various reasons" for the delay, Fromsoftware didn't get into the specifics on why this one particular version of the game needs extra time (maybe it goes back to Switch running on Nvidia). As someone who is terrible at Souls games, I feel qualified to at least confirm that what I played of Dark Souls Remastered at PAX East was indeed Dark Souls on Switch. It performed fine, but maybe if I'd gotten past the tutorial area and explored the notoriously laggy depths of Blighttown I would have seen more frame drops? Hopefully when Dark Souls hits Switch over summer it will run perfectly all the way through and we'll never know what the problem was.

The delay means shifts for a few other items as well, including the Solaire of Astora amiibo (which will still come out alongside the game) and the Switch network test for Dark Souls Remastered. The official Dark Souls Twitter account confirmed that Switch owners will still get a chance to try out Dark Souls Remastered ahead of its official debut - it'll just be a bit later now.

The lineup of upcoming Nintendo Switch games is looking a little bit quieter for the next few months thanks to the Dark Souls delay. But maybe you can program your own sun-praising Nintendo Labo Toy-Con while you wait?

Not sure you're ready to die? In a non-morbid way, I mean? Check out our argument for why Dark Souls Remastered is the perfect jumping-on point for newcomers. 

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