Best Nintendo Labo prices, availability, and where to buy it cheaper (September 2018)


If you’d have told us a year ago that Nintendo would have us falling over ourselves to buy a series of cardboard box playsets, we probably wouldn’t have believed you. However, here we are today with Nintendo Labo kits bringing out the child in players young and old – but which one will help you get the most out of your Nintendo Switch? From transforming your hybrid console into a giant robot backpack to letting you use it as a fully-functioning playable piano, there’s something for everyone with Nintendo Labo, and we’ve collated the best Nintendo Labo deals available for those looking to jump aboard. 

The variety found in the many Nintendo Labo kits currently on shelves is so vast that prices can vary wildly. The Toy-Con 01: Variety Kit offers a multitude of ways to have fun with your Nintendo Switch and cardboard, while the Toy-Con 02: Robot Kit lets you live out the fantasy of stomping a city in the most creative way possible. The third Nintendo Labo kit centred on vehicles is set to join the line-up very soon on September 14th, so now’s the ideal time to do some research! You can do that by checking our organised list of Nintendo Labo kits below, letting you find the perfect set at the best price. And if you're yet to invest, here is our guide to the best Nintendo Switch bundle deals out there.

Nintendo Labo Variety Kit prices

The Labo Variety Kit is the best Nintendo Labo kit for anyone starting out with Labo. It's got the Nintendo Switch game card, Cardboard sheets x28, Reflective sheets x3, Sponge sheets x3, String (orange) x1, String (blue) x1, Eyelet set (grey) x1, Eyelet set (blue) x4, Rubber band (large) x2, Rubber band (small) x6. Ideal for a first kit.

Nintendo Labo Robot Kit prices

Looking for something more advanced? The Robot kit is the one for you, as it creates a more complicated, fully immersive set-up. Inside the Robot kit you'll find the Nintendo Switch game card, cardboard sheets x19, cardstock sheets x4, one reflective sheet, string (orange) x2, string (blue) x2, fabric straps (1x large, 1x medium, 2x small) eyelet sets (grey) x10, eyelet set (orange) x2. Perfect for an ambitious builder/creator.

Nintendo Labo Customisation Set prices

Want to customise all your kits to make them feel truly unique? You need this Customisation set, which contains Tape rolls x2, Stencil sheets x2, Sticker sheets x2.

What is the Nintendo Labo?

"Imagine being able to turn a simple piece of cardboard into almost anything". That's what Nintendo is suggesting is possible with Labo. That's not quite the case, but the kits are capable of creating real world items on Switch's screen with the power of build-your-own accessories made out of special card material. 

The Nintendo Labo kits come with a game cartridge that pops straight into your Switch and acts as your instruction manual for building the constructions, which Nintendo is calling Toy-Cons. You know, like the Joy-Cons? You'll follow on-screen instructions to punch out the cardboard pieces from the sheets, and fix them together with the pre-made tabs or included bits of string, eyelets, rubber bands and other fixing bits. It's like Nintendo's version of Lego Dimensions, but with cardboard rather than plastic bricks and characters. 

Then you'll be slotting your Joy-Cons into these cardboard creations, with the game then converting to an actual game that you can play, or in the case of some of the creations, control. In the announcement trailer, there are papery robotic bugs to control, fish to catch with your newly built cardboard fishing rod and even a robot to control by donning various cardboard armour elements. 

It's basically cardboard Lego, but instead of building houses or monsters, you're creating peripherals for the Switch. Gone are the days of plastic accessories along the lines of Guitar Hero or Rock Band, at least for Nintendo anyway (Mario Kart steering wheels notwithstanding). This is a way to innovate on the existing Switch concept - already a smart bit of kit - but in a way that's easy to make, easy to create, and easy to replace and recycle. Environmentally friendly gaming, eh?

The fact Labo is such simple fun means it's aimed at kids, but there's also the fact it's an introduction to coding and also engineering. You'll be able to see just how everything works together, both in the real world and using the Switch. On-screen you can take a tour around a cross-section of each model, watch how all the parts move in tandem, using all the string and tape you used earlier. It's very much not just a toy (con), but also an educational device for young minds. 

There's also another brand new feature called the Toy-Con Garage, which is part of every Toy-Con kit. It allows you to try your hand at inventing, by doing some (very basic) coding. By choosing between simple inputs and outputs, you can invent your own original Toy-Con experiences. Take a look at the trailer above from 2.54 onwards to get some examples of what games you could create. 

What happens if it breaks?

Nintendo has plans to offer replacement cardboard kits and templates for anyone who breaks their Toy-Cons. Of course, the whole point of it being cardboard is that you can repair them with tape and glue, but also decorate them to your heart's content. If you want to download the templates to replace your Labo parts, you'll find all the details right here. The templates are FREE, so you can grab them whenever you like!

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