Darksiders shards and artifacts guide

Wrath shard

Climb along the Demonic Growth to reach the chest.

Wrath shard 2

Requires: Tremor Gauntlet

Grab this shard when you're on your way back from The Hollows with the Griever's heart. Smash the blue crystals, then continue along the main tunnel. Look for the small cave on the left side of the main tunnel.

Wrath shard 3

Requires: Abyssal Chain

You'll have to revisit Anvil's Forge for this one. Swing across the chasm with the Abyssal Chain to collect the shard.

Wrath Shard 4

Requires: Abyssal Chain

From any Vulgrim location, open a Serpent Hole to Anvil's Ford. About halfway along the path, look to left for a series of grapple points. Swing your way out to the platform to find the chest and another Wrath shard.


The Crossroads/Scalding Gallow/Choking Grounds and The Broken Stair/Twilight Cathedral/Drowned Pass/Anvil's Forge/The Hollows/Dry Road/The Ashlands/Iron Canopy/The Black Throne and Eden