Darksiders shards and artifacts guide

Lifestone shards (2x)

The Lifestone shards here are tricky. One is acquired after smashing all eight of the cross tombstones in the cemetery. For expediency, the video shows only the final one and the location of the chest. The second is stashed in the small building near the gate, and requires both the Crossblade and the Tremor Gauntlet.

Wrath shard

Artifact: Soldier (2x)

Artifact: Champion

Requires: Tremor Gauntlet

On the way to The Broken Stair, there's a spot where you have to Shadowglide across a short chasm. Look down and to the left for the blue crystals. Smash them with the Tremor Gauntlet and collect your Champion artifact.

Lifestone shard (2x)

Artifact: Soldier


The Crossroads/Scalding Gallow/Choking Grounds and The Broken Stair/Twilight Cathedral/Drowned Pass/Anvil's Forge/The Hollows/Dry Road/The Ashlands/Iron Canopy/The Black Throne and Eden