Dark Souls Remastered full walkthrough guide: every area, boss, secret and more

Dark Souls Remastered full walkthrough: NEW LONDO RUINS

Go to the bottom of Firelink Shrine and take the elevator down to the ruins. Before you cross the long wooden bridge into the ruins proper, make sure you have at least two Transient Curses stocked (you can buy them from the merchant inside the aqueduct or find them on the corpse in a pot just before the first wooden bridge leading into the ruins). Use of this item allows you to use any weapon to deal damage to ghosts for a limited time. You’ll only need a couple because ghosts tend to drop them, you’ll find them as loot in the ruins, and a merchant in the ruins sells them for 1000 souls.

Once you reach the ruins, you’ll see stairs in front of you. Instead of going up them, turn around to your right and you’ll notice a corpse with an item in the distance. You can cross a very narrow submerged bridge to reach the item, which is a Fire Keeper’s Soul. Just be warned that a trio of ghosts will spawn when you cross the bridge, so hurry across and attack them from safer ground.

Now go up the steps you saw before. Continue on, being careful of ghosts, until you descend a spiral staircase. At the bottom, go forward and grab the Parrying Dagger from the corpse, then head back towards the stairs and take a left. Run past the fog door and loot the corpse you find for a couple more Transient Curses.

Pass through the fog door. Run up the stairs and kick down the ladder. This opens up a shortcut between here and the entrance. Continue on slowly, always ready for a ghost to come up through the floor or from behind a wall. Go down the next flight of stairs and through the door on your right. You’re now in a large house.

Search the rooms for a fireplace. Inside that fireplace, you’ll find a ladder leading to the roof, where you can find Ingward, a merchant. Speak to him and, if you have or had the lordvessel, he will give you the Key to the Seal.

Go back into the house and take the stairs down to the lower level. You can find the Cusebite Ring here. Exit out the house’s lower door and take a right once you reach a fork (seen above) in the road (taking the stairs left leads to a green titanite shard). Go up the stairs, then run forward into the tower ahead (or, take the next flight of stairs up to find Humanity and a Rare Ring of Sacrifice, the latter of which is on the roof of the house.

Once inside the tower, head up the stairs, which lead to a Composite Bow. Then go back down and open the gate using your newly acquired key. Turn the lever to open the floodgates, lowering the water level of the ruins and opening up new areas. Go back into the tower and pull the smaller lever to bring an elevator up. Use the elevator.

Time to meet the Darkwraiths. These humanoid enemies are fairly quick but easily backstabbed. Just watch out for a slow magic attack called the Soul Drain, which deals heavy damage and steals one Humanity.

If you turn right you’ll notice the massive door to the Valley of the Drakes is now open. If you haven’t cleared the Drakes from their bridge and claimed the goodies around this area, do so now. Also, if you exit the gate and make an immediate left, you’ll notice a ladder. Climb it to find a Red Tearstone Ring. The item on the bridge is the Brigand Armor set and the Spider Shield.

Head back through the gate and take a right up some stairs. Go through the small wooden hut (watch out for the Darkwraith at the end) and through the fog door. Once you pass through, be prepared for a fight with two Darkwraiths and a slow-moving blob called a Mass of Souls. Lure the Darkwraiths back through the fog door and deal with them, then move in to take out the remaining enemy. As long as you are mindful of the explosive skulls the Mass of Souls spits out intermittently, it is easy enough to move behind it and hack away.

Search this room for a small doorway, beyond which is some stairs. Make your way to the top level of this area to find the Very Large Ember in a chest. Return to ground level and look for another small doorway leading to an elevator. This serves as a shortcut back to the New Londo Ruins entrance. When you are ready, return to this main room and go through the large exit.

This very conspicuous wall seen above is illusory. Break it with a weapon and cross the bridge beyond to find a Titanite Chunk.

Climb up the next set of stairs into a room where you’ll find two Darkwraiths, two ghosts, and a Mass of Souls. Again, lure out the more mobile enemies before dealing the with Mass.

Pass through the fog door. Equip the Covenant of Artorias and descend the stairs all the way to the bottom. Then, simply drop off the ledge (if you're not wearing the ring, then you will simply die).


The key to this fight is to wear your strongest armor, swing your most damaging weapon (or shoot it), and end things as quickly as possible. The battle begins against only one king, but the others will join shortly. The point is to not fight more than one king at a time.

Get close and circle around the first king. Putting your weapon in both hands, hack away and continue circling as your stamina charges up. Don’t worry about getting hit; if you are wearing your strongest armor, the Kings’ physical attacks won’t do much damage. If you stay close, the King will simply swing wildly, rarely using magic or its grab attack, the latter of which is telegraphed.

Use the bonfire to warp out of the area. If you haven’t given Frampt the Lordvessel yet, Kaathe will be next to the bonfire.

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