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Da Vinci's Demons Episode 7 "The Hierophant" Preview

Da Vinci’s Demons Episode 1.07 “The Hierophant”

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Series creator David S Goyer reckons this is one of his favourite episodes of the season (we agree):

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Synopsis: On the final day of Carnival in Rome, da Vinci uses one of his own inventions to break into the Vatican and search for the second key to the Vault Of Heaven. He finds himself face to face with both the Pope and a mysterious prisoner.

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• It's definitely one of the best episodes of the first season.
• There’s a bit of a crime caper feel at times.
• There’s one hell of an “I didn’t see that coming” moment that’ll leave you reeling.
• Riario has a bit of a sadomasochistic vibe going on.
• Someone cosplays as a character from Don’t Look Now! (or more probably they’re pretending to have a particular illness).
• Pazzi proves to be an even bigger git than we’d previously thought.
• There’s a wonderful contraption giving access to somewhere (da Vinci, it seems, isn’t the only steampunk ahead of his time).
• Something we’ve only seen previously in the title sequence makes an appearance.
• There’s one or two props that look very, very familiar… and not from Da Vinci’s Demons . One will either make you smile or go, “Ooooooooh!”
• If you’re still doubting this show is fantasy, this episode should convince you.
• An ’80s rock band gets a name check (and it’s not Iron Maiden).
• Leonardo saves us from having to see the Pope’s todger again.
• A conspiracy moves up a gear, with a surprise guest conspirator revealed.
• The Pope makes Leo an offer he can refuse.
• Ah, so that’s who that bloke is…!
• There’s a great ’60s Batman moment.
• Overall, it's a rollicking good yarn, that suddenly turns into something much darker.

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