Show your Cyberpunk 2077 love by putting official metal magnet art on your walls

(Image credit: CD Projekt Red/Displate)

Cyberpunk 2077 has some lovely art, and now you can celebrate it in a properly cyberpunk way: by attaching a magnetized metal plate to your wall. Developer CD Projekt Red just unveiled a new collection of prints available on Displate, an online retailer that specializes in creating metal wall art for homes. Two dozen plates are available for purchase on the store, and if you pick one up by Friday you'll save 30% off the purchase price with offer code CYBER30.

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The plates are organized into three sections. The Keyart category features the usual mix of logos and familiar imagery, but it's worth a look to see the cool ways the Cyberpunk 2077 logo is rendered in different languages. I think it looks better in Korean than in English, honestly.

(Image credit: CD Projekt Red/Displate)

The Concept Art category has the broadest visual range of all three. You could go with a classic Samurai logo to hang above your couch - that's the in-universe band portrayed by real-life Swedish punk band Refused. But if you don't already have a chromed-out sniper Cupid on your wall, it's tough to argue for anything else to take its place.

(Image credit: CD Projekt Red/Displate)

Lastly, the SteelBook category has the same art from the Cyberpunk 2077 SteelBook covers, featuring rad illustrations from pastel-punk artist Deathburger. The larger form of the Displates gives you a better opportunity to appreciate the artist's intricate linework and pick up on all of the little details. Here's their rendition of the Voodoo Boys gang.

(Image credit: CD Projekt Red/Displate)

If your thirst for Cyberpunk 2077 merch remains unquenched, you should also check out the Cyberpunk 2077 card game coming next year. You can look forward to seeing much more of the game itself soon: Cyberpunk 2077 will be at both Gamescom 2019 and PAX West, and CD Projekt Red will finally publish the new gameplay demo it first showed in private at E3 2019 during the latter show.

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