Cyberpunk 2077 gangs get a new look in official SteelBook art

Credit: CD Projekt and Deathburger

The Cyberpunk 2077 SteelBooks aren't just heavier and shinier than their plastic case counterparts, they'll also give you a stylish alternative look at the gangs of Night City. Developer CD Projekt Red revealed four unique designs for its upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 SteelBooks that feature designs from cyberpunk (the genre, that is) inspired artist Deathburger.

The artist's take on Cyberpunk 2077 uses detailed lineart and muted pastel colors in place of the game's usual photorealistic neon style. It's refreshing for CD Projekt Red to embrace alternative aesthetics - it shows confidence in their own vision while acknowledging that the idea of "cyberpunk" can look and feel very different to different people.

Here are the images and what they may be able to tell us about Cyberpunk 2077's gangs.

This flashlight-faced gang is called the Maelstrom. They were the main enemies in the E3 2018 gameplay demo, so we've seen the most of them so far. This appears to be their leader, Royce; the rest of the gang is marked by heavy cybernetic augmentations as well.

These could be the Voodoo Boys. Some of Night City's gangs are violent and expansionist, while others are more concerned with protecting their local community from corrupt officials and other gangs. The Voodoo Boys belong to the latter category; also, they have some really good netrunners (hackers), so don't piss 'em off if you're sporting too much cyberware.

This is a gang we don't have a name for yet, but they look rad. The guy standing astride a bike in the foreground has a scary oni mask concealing most of his face - or maybe that is his face now - and the bikers in the background are leaving behind cool light trails as they ride. Yes, just like that scene in Akira.

Another as-yet unnamed gang, these ones seem to like two things: sharp edges and religious symbolism. Dude has a crucifix implanted in his forehead and the woman in the back is holding a lit prayer candle. The gold machete makes me suspect they may not be big on the whole "mercy" thing though.

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