Cyberpunk 2077 download size clocks in at over 100GB on PS4 and PS5

Cyberpunk 2077
(Image credit: CD Projekt Red)

As we said in our Cyberpunk 2077 review, CD Projekt Red's latest is a massive open-ended RPG, and as one Reddit user discovered when pre-loading the game on PS4, it's got a massive 102GB download to match.

Reddit user TupperwareNinja shared a screenshot of the in-progress PS4 download this morning, which they were able to start early since they live in New Zealand. They were downloading the PS4 version of the game to their PS5, but the file size is the same on both consoles thanks to backwards compatibility. The initial download is a hefty 102.447GB, which is nearly 50% larger than the recommended hard drive space for the PC version of the game.

It's worth noting that this is just the download size; the actual hard drive footprint could be slightly smaller or a good deal larger depending on a few factors, most notably the day-one patch for the game. That said, the PS4 versions of multiplatform games are often larger than Xbox One and PC versions. Red Dead Redemption 2, for instance, was initially about 17GB bigger on PS4. 

The final Cyberpunk 2077 delay was primarily motivated by the then-struggling console versions of the game, so in a way it's no surprise that they're less compact than the PC version. Nobody outside of CD Projekt Red has played the console version of the game, either, so we have no way of knowing how much is contained in the initial download and how much will be added in the day-one update. 

In any case, with the final release date fast approaching, PS4 owners will want to get their chunky Cyberpunk 2077 download started early if they plan on playing as soon as it drops. 

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