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Crazy Terminator 4 rumour

We really want to be excited about Terminator 4. The cast is amazing, and gets better every day. We're finally going to get to see the Terminator war, which we've wanted to watch since 1992, and James Cameron has reportedly given his nod to the project, which makes it okay by us.

Still, it's hard to stay optimistic when spoiler-filled rumours about the flick's ending, like the one you can see after the link, appear over at Ain't It Cool.

But we're going to keep our glass of oil half-full and assume that it's not the real ending of Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins and that it'll be comprehensively denied by McG on a future blog.

Because if it is real, then it's the weirdest thing we've read in a while.

Source: ( Aint It Cool )