Could we finally be visiting these unseen Game of Thrones strongholds in season 7? (SPOILERS)

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As familiar flags fly high above new Game of Thrones season 7 filming locations, fans are trying to puzzle out where - and how - these environments might be used in season 7.

As with any speculative Games of Thrones post, this story may bring unwanted spoilers, so leave now if you’d prefer to remain spoiler-free!

Local Spanish newspapers HOY and elPeriódico have published set pictures featuring a selection of gorgeous new castle backdrops surrounded by recognisable flags and familiar faces. As all we can do is speculate on what they may be used for, let the guessing games begin...

Hard to believe, I know, but despite numerous references to both, we've never seen either Lannister stronghold Casterly Rock or House Tyrell's Highgarden on-screen before.

After recently spending a day at Almodóvar del Río Castle in Córdoba, the GoT crew has moved to Trujillo Castle in Cáceres, leaving us to wonder if these castles may be used to portray either Casterly Rock or Highgarden. 

As sneaky peeks of the cast on-set have leaked out, we’ve seen Lannister soldiers and Lannister flags flying high over the castle walls. If it is Highgarden we're seeing, could this be evidence of a Lannister sack (GoT speak for a takeover or occupation), perhaps? Or as Watchers on the Wall suggests, could it be both locations are being used to depict different aspects of Highgarden?

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That said, we’ve also seen images of Grey Worm (Jacob Anderson) at Trujillo. As it’s pretty unlikely Grey Worm would be appearing at Highgarden any time soon, is it possible this particular castle could double for Casterly Rock, too?

Reports of a Battle of the Bastards-esque showdown - initially thought to take three days to film and feature hundreds of extras - are now said to be an underestimation, with HOY reporting as many as 250 extras and a solid week of filming. Good job HBO has deep pockets. 

Game of Thrones season 7 will debut in summer 2017. 

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