Control: Alan Wake expansion coming in August

Remedy officially revealed the long-rumored crossover we've all been waiting for with Control's latest DLC, the Alan Wake Expansion. Revealed during today's PlayStation State of Play stream, the expansion pack arrives August 27 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC via the Epic Game Store.

Control: AWE, as it's officially titled, will be the game's second major expansion, following The Foundation DLC, which launched on PS4 and PC in March and on Xbox One in June. 

AWE will see Jesse Faden's exploration of the Oldest House continue, taking players to the Investigations Sector, where the Federal Bureau of Control is looking into paranatural happenings called Altered World Events (AWE). You'll need to have completed the seventh main mission of Control's campagin before accessing the expansion, at which point you'll head to the Investigations Sector. Near the end of the teaser, you'll briefly see the creature you'll confront. And at the teaser's end, Alan Wake makes his long-awaited return.

At some point in the DLC's story, you'll investigate an AWE from the town of Bright Falls, and it's then that you'll uncover clues about the disappearance of mystery writer Alan Wake.

Our sister publication recently celebrated Alan Wake's 10th anniversary in conversation with writer Sam Lake, who broke down the extraordinary story of the game's development. As far as we know, a sequel isn't in the plans, so it's great to see it come back to life in some way in Control.

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Jordan Gerblick

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