Complete Hero at The Guards Chapel

There's only one thing better than Nathan Fillion, and that's a giant Nathan Fillion beaming out above London. Yes, SFX was very pleased to see the Complete Hero projections at The Guards Chapel, on London's Birdcage Walk not far from Buckingham Palace, on Friday. They ran from 4 November until last night. We were then very fortunate indeed to attend the official reception afterwards.

Nathan Fillion headlines the Complete Hero projections.

The Complete Hero project by artist Martin Firrell explores contemporary ideas about heroism. It started about two years ago with Nathan Fillion as the face of the project, and has since recently been expanded to include people from the army, as well as writers, thinkers and performers who have contributed ideas about heroism.

Stuart from SFX wears the headphones provided to listen to the accompanying dialogue.

Martin Firrell is a cultural activist, placing text in public spaces to promote social change - he's previously used cinema screens, the internet and large-scale projections onto St Paul's cathedral.

The projections ran at The Guards Chapel for seven days.

Firefly actor Nathan Fillion was the first talking head to be attached to the project and has been a spokesman for it since 2007 when we first interviewed him while he was in the UK to work on it. And he was at the party on Friday - it was great to hang out with him at the reception, which took place in the museum beside the Guards Chapel.

Did you go and take part too? Let us know.

You read Kell Harker's blog about the Complete Hero art project not long ago, and we know that some of our readers went along and saw the projections too. What did you think? Did you enjoy the spectacle? Were you one of the people we had a drink with? Thanks to Martin and his collaborators for inviting us along - a very inspiring evening.

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