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Commander Shepard has never looked so cute in MySims SkyHeroes

MySims SkyHeroes features some adorable cameosfrom some of our favorite characters from other EA games. Ever wanted to see Morrigan from Dragon Age square off in old-fashioned aerial dogfight with Isaac Clarke from Dead Space? Neither did we, at least until now. You can play as any of these characters in the SkyHeroes multiplayer, which includes co-op and versus dogfighting modes as well and co-op and versus races. While we didn't get an actual render of Isaac Clarketo share with you, we did see him in our demo today and EA and can confirm that he's equally adorable. Here are the characters we can share:

Above: Faith from Mirror's Edge,bleeding ink eye tattoo intact

Above: Elliot from Army of Two, looking a little shy behind his mysterious mask

Above: Male Commander Shepard of Mass Effect fame - no word on whether his helmet will affect his peripheral vision during dogfights

Above: Morrigan from Dragon Age. It's toobadSkyHeroes doesn't have an option totrash talk your enemies, because Morrigan would be the best

MySims SkyHeroes so far looks to be a respectable, family-friendly flight sim that reminds us a little of Snoopy vs the Red Baron, so look for our review when the game ships Sept 28th.

Jul 20, 2010

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