Comic Heroes Issue 8

The Big Blue Boy Scout is our cover star this month...

Comic Heroes 8, on sale Friday 26 August!

This month, DC's paragon of virtue, saviour of the helpless and perennial wearer of underwear as outerwear, the mighty Superman , gets the full Comic Heroes superstar treatment. We'll be taking a look at the complete history of arguably the world's best-known superhero and guiding you through his essential stories.

Elsewhere, we've spoken to controversial king of chat Jonathan Ross about his graphic novel, the vampire/alien/noir hybrid Turf , and had a cup of tea and a chat with rising Marvel talent Kieron Gillen about music, magic, and of course mutants.

In anticipation of the DC reboot , we've spoken to Dan Didio and Keith Giffen to discuss their involvement, and, to prepare us all for the worst should it happen, we've examined the worst reboots in comics history.

On top of all this comicy goodness, we also caught up with FF and Red Wing writer Jonathan Hickman , writer-man of some repute JM Straczynski , and found out exactly how they made Beast look so damned good in X-Men First Class .

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