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Comic-Con 2010: Green Lantern sneak peek

Green Lantern


Comic-Con 2010: Ryan Reynolds and director Martin Campbell have revealed the first teaser trailer for Green Lantern .

Despite having three weeks of shooting left to complete, the team behind the DC comics movie adap showed off a storming first teaser that felt similar in tone to the Spider-Man franchise.

The tease starts with an orb of green energy tumbling on the screen as a voice intones: “The light you see before you… If you will it, it will move… Now focus.”

A string of images then flash on-screen – Reynolds as Hal holding the Green Lantern ring, Blake Lively staring out of a window, the planet Oa – before the teaser climaxes with Reynolds confronting a gang of youths in an alleyway. Bursting into a blur of green light, he smashes one into a brick wall. Aaaaand cue logo.

Nope, no sign of Reynolds in his CG super-suit just yet - Campbell admits that it's still a "work in progress". Seems that Entertainment Weekly cover jumped the wagon a little bit.

"What's great is that she becomes a villain later, I can't wait to kick his butt," giggled Lively of her character, while Peter Sarsgaard revealed that his villainous role made him feel like the "kid that licked the battery".

In cinemas this week...