Comic-Con 09: Rodriguez rolls cameras on Machete

"Yeah, I start shooting Machete in a couple of weeks," confirmed Robert Rodriguez, when Total Film grilled him about the Planet Terror trailer spin-off starring Danny Trejo as the blade-wielding biker.

He refused to confirm if Robert De Niro or Michelle Rodriguez would star. Or anyone, for that matter. "Unfortunately I can’t say any casting news," he says. "Because we haven’t hired anybody! But we're gonna hire people by next week, so you’re hear about that soon hopefully."

RR was at the Comic-Con to unveil his new kids' romper Shorts, but a he claims a return to Sin City is still on the cards. Keep the faith.

"I’m producing Predator, which comes out next year, and I owe the Weinsteins one other movie that I’m writing right now, so the earliest Sin City 2 could happen would be next year," he says.

Like we said, keep the faith...