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Colin Firth and Nicole Kidman up for Park Chan-Wook's Stoker

Colin Firth and Nicole Kidman are set to star in Oldboy director Park Chan-Wook's English-language debut, Stoker .

The pair are both up for acting gongs at this years Oscars, with Firth the favourite in the male category for his performance in The King's Speech .

Mia Wasikowska ( Alice in Wonderland , The Kids Are All Right ) is starring as India Stoker, a girl who must deal with her mysterious uncle after her father dies.

Firth and Kidman would play the girl's uncle and mother, and the prospect of Firth in a sinister role is an extremely exciting prospect.

Stoker , which has a Black-Listed script by Wentworth Miller (yes, the Prison Break actor), looked to have stalled last year when original stars Jodie Foster and Carey Mulligan dropped out.

Now it has bounced back stronger than ever. Here' s hoping Park Chan-Wook's unique, offbeat storytelling sensibilities survive the translation.