Clint Eastwood to act again in Trouble With The Curve

We weren't expecting to tell you about new projects starring Clint Eastwood anytime soon, given that the all-rounder announced his retirement from acting following Gran Torino .

Eastwood decided to focus his talents on directing instead, so it's great to be able to report that he will return in front of the camera in Trouble With The Curve .

The baseball movie features an ageing scout who is losing his eyesight and sets out on one last trip with his daughter to check out a hot prospect.

Eastwood hasn't acted in a film that was directed by anyone but himself since In The Line Of Fire in 1993. So what tempted him out of retirement?

Well, the script by Randy Brown has caused Eastwood to have a “serious look” at the project.

Plus, it'll be directed by long time collaborator Robert Lorenz, who was assistant director on films such as Mystic River and Blood Work .

It also kills some time while he waits for Beyoncé to give birth so he can direct the remake of A Star Is Born .