Clerks 2 trailer exclusively online

Writer-director Kevin Smith has always known how to show internet-based fans a little love. After all, the man realises that many spend plenty of time there. So why shouldn’t we – er, they (ahem) – be rewarded?

Which brings us to the Clerks II trailer currently running exclusively online. Promising to return not only almost the entire Clerks’ cast but also the swear-laden style so beloved of Smith’s films, it’s certainly one for the fans. While Smith remains the sort of filmmaker you either worship or wish would choke on a diet milkshake, you can’t deny he has his own trademark style. So welcome back Randal (Jeff Anderson), Dante (Brian O’Halloran), Jay (Jason Mewes) and Silent Bob (Smith) in a fresh serving of filthy, pop-culture referencing madness.

The plot sees Randal and Dante realising that their adult lives have pretty much ground to a halt. They’ve gone from the bored, twenty-something shop-jockeys of Clerks 10 years ago to… bored, thirtysomething burger-slingers. And yes, drug-dealing miscreants Jay and Silent Bob are still hanging around. But there are compensations – they get to work alongside the slinky, sexy Becky (Sin City’s Rosario Dawson).

So what’s it all about, Kev? "I've got nothing to say about fast food," Smith told USA Today. "But I've got everything to say about getting past that period of life where you've been one person for 10 or 15 years and suddenly you have to change." Somebody’s been searching their soul again. But seriously, who couldn’t love a trailer that scratches out “from the director of ‘Jersey Girl’ and writes in ‘Clerks’”?

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