Class system return has Battlefield 2042 players feeling good again

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Battlefield 2042 players are rejoicing at the return of the beloved Class system.

Earlier this week, a new patch reintroduced the Class system to Battlefield 2042, an aspect that the game famously ditched in favor of its Specialist system. Now that players have had a chance to get reintegrated into the Classes, they're overjoyed at the return of the feature, and the state of Battlefield 2042 at large.

The subreddit post just above, for example, simply states that Battlefield 2042 feels like old Battlefield again. Players have doggedly complained about the state of Battlefield 2042 since launch over a year ago, but now things might finally be looking up for the much-maligned shooter.

Elsewhere, the subreddit post below isn't so hot on the new Classes. However, the overwhelming sentiment in the comments section from other are that they're glad Classes are back in Battlefield 2042, and having dedicated Classes has improved the wider game as a result.

The same feeling is pretty common on Twitter. The tweet just below, for example, has one streamer exclaiming how much better after the recent update 3.2, and the responses to the tweet are from fans amazed that the streamer finally has something positive to say about Battlefield 2042.

It's been an incredibly long, tough road to this point for Battlefield 2042. A report last year claimed EA was abandoning the game (which the publisher later denied), and although players were initially sceptical of the Class system's return, it's now been welcomed back into Battlefield 2042 with open arms from players across the world. 

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