Return of Battlefield 2042 Class system leaves players sceptical

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Battlefield 2042 is finally bringing back the Class system, but players remain sceptical of its comeback.

Yesterday on January 19, EA DICE announced Battlefield's beloved Class-based system would finally be returning to Battlefield 2042. However, some hardened Battlefield 2042 players are incredibly sceptical about whether the Class-based system can be properly integrated into the latest game in the franchise.

The scepticism stems from Battlefield 2042's Specialists. The new system of characters was never particularly popular among Battlefield series players when it debuted via the new game, and players are convinced that Class-based characters can't properly coexist with the Specialists.

Players are theorizing that simply restricting the uses of Specialists gadgets when they're playing alongside Classes won't be enough to balance the two out in Battlefield 2042. Some are worried that such a restriction could simply overpower the Assault Specialists in Battlefield 2042.

As such, players want Specialists gone entirely in Battlefield 2042 when the Class system launches in the shooter. Whether this is actually possible for EA DICE to achieve is another matter entirely, but for now at least, players are dead set on only one of the two factions being able to exist in Battlefield 2042 at once.

It's been an incredibly long road for Battlefield 2042 since a disastrous launch. The Class system returning to the game is just the latest step in EA DICE's lengthy post-launch plans to rehabilitate the game, but it remains to be seen whether Battlefield players are ever truly happy with the latest offering from the long-running series. 

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