City of Heroes takes wing

Aren't you glad you didn't cancel your subscription to the superhero online role-playing game City of Heroes? With the upcomingIssue 8 content update, nicknamed "To Protect and Serve," hard-battlin' heroes will be shown some love for their allegiance in the form ofVeteran Rewards. Exactly what form those rewards will take is still secret, save for one revealed costume accessory: wings.

Available in both leathery form and feathery form, wings are merely a costume accessory - that is, you won't be able to fly if you haven't taken the Flight power set, even if you do don the wings. But wings clearly make some people's characters complete, and you'll only see them on players who have been protecting Paragon City long-term.

More rewards will be announced as Issue 8's release draws near; NCSoft has not announced a firm date yet but it's expected that the free update will hit this fall. (Note to everybody who sees this as bad news: that's what you get for skipping town and fleeing to World of Warcraft.)

September 20, 2006