New Cinderella horror movie gets a bloody first look

Cinderella's Curse
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A first look at Cinderella's Curse, an indie horror spin on the classic fairytale, has arrived.

Directed by Louisa Warren and written by Harry Boxley, the movie began filming last month in the UK. The cast includes Kelly Rian Sanson, Chrissie Wunna, and Danielle Scott. Did we mention it's being produced by ITN Studios, the same studio behind Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey? Yeah.

The images (courtesy of Variety), including two new stills revealed exclusively by IGN, see a blood-splattered Cindy wielding that glass slipper like it's a hammer. We love to see a girlboss win. We're not sure what's going on, or if that's a stepsister behind that drippy mask, but we hope she's getting her revenge after being mistreated by her stepmother for so long.

"This an incredibly unique spin on the Cinderella we all love and know. There are going to be some truly horrific deaths by her hands. I think the gore hounds are in for a treat in my dark retelling," Warren previously told Bloody Disgusting.

A horror spin on Peter Pan and another Winnie the Pooh slasher are both on the way. Winnie the Pooh: Death House,  directed by S.J. Evans and written by Adam Stephen Kelly, has been described by the production house Red Shadow Studios as "The Strangers meets The Purge." Peter Pan Goes to Hell, which sees the boy who refused to grow up take on a Norman Bates/Psycho style of killing. Kelly once again writes while Phil Claydon directs. Does every Disney IP need the low-budget B-movie slasher treatment? No. Do we kind of absolutely love it? Yes.

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