Chris Cooper talks Amazing Spider-Man 2

Ever since Chris Cooper was cast as Norman Osborn in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 , fans have been wondering whether we’ll get to see him as his alter-ego, the Green Goblin.

Cooper himself is fairly coy on the subject, although it does sound as though his appearance in the next film will do more of a setting-up job for sequels to follow…

Cooper describes the character’s appearance as, “an extremely odd introduction, which apparently will lead to something more”, perhaps a hint to the character’s establishment in the Sinister Six…

It could also be that Osborn doesn’t fully cross over into full blown villain territory until a later film in the series, particularly given Jamie Foxx’s status as the sequel’s big bad.

“They sent me some material,” continues Cooper, before adding, “but they said also that this Spider-Man is its own Spider-Man. We’re just kind of starting from the beginning.”

Directed by Marc Webb and co-starring Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone and Paul Giamatti, The Amazing Spider-Man will open in the UK on 18 April 2014.

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