Chivalry 2's new event is like Midsommar meets Game of Thrones

Chivalry 2's new Midsommar event turns the medieval battler into a horror game, mashing Game of Thrones-inspired battles with a setting reminiscent of a certain A24 movie.

For this free special event, which is live now across all platforms, Chivalry 2's Mason druid warlords and peasantry are hosting a festival at Aberfell inspired by medieval midsummer festivities - though, it's worth noting that the event is spelled the same way as the horrific 2020 horror movie. Essentially, the event is a new Brawl map that includes new Midsommar-themed items like the Midsommar pole, wood hammer, and flower vase, each of which can be used as a weapon, of course.

Chivalry 2's Brawl mode starts you out without a weapon, and you're left to fend for yourself by picking up random objects strewn around the map. The new Midsommar map also has some new environmental objects, including the interactive mini catapult, straw figures, and totem poles. Finally, the event includes new seasonal helmets: the bear mask and flower crown. So pretty much, everything you need to star in your own, even more violent version of Ari Aster's horror movie.

The Midsommar event is live now and runs "for a limited time." If you want to take part - and why wouldn't you?! - just boot up the game and join the Midsommar Brawl servers. Chivalry 2 is also 40% off on the PlayStation Store and Steam in case you're interested in checking it out.

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Jordan Gerblick

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