Chili Con Carnage Q&A

Tuesday 31 October 2006
Denmark-based developer Deadline surprised us all last year with Mexico-based shooter Total Overdose. Now the team is working on Chili Con Carnage for PSP, a remix of its sombrero-juggling, gun-toting actioner - Soren Lund, the game's director and producer, ran us through their recipe book.

You've promised the most explosions and takedowns per second of any PSP title. How have you made sure the game will live up to that boast?
At Deadline we establish a mantra or 'razorblade' for a game that every idea is held up against - for Chili Con Carnage the razorblade was 'full forward action'. If an idea was put forward that would compromise this razorblade it would be discarded or reworked to fit.

That meant that every feature from game design, graphics, to gameplay code and engine code all needed to serve the full action forward mantra. You never walk or sneak in this game. You never hide. It was important that the player didn't feel afraid of jumping into frantic shootouts.

Above: Exploding barrels and unfortunate chickens - all the elements are in place for a blast-fest