Chili Con Carnage Q&A

What are the differences between Total Overdose and Chili Con Carnage - is it an enhanced port, or a completely remixed game?
It's a reinvention, like [action flick director Robert] Rodriguez reinvented his ideas from El Mariachi to Desperado.

We've taken the elements that fit the razorblade and completely re-arranged the game flow around it - we've reinvented the story, changed the level designs and layout, implemented new gameplay mechanics and generally pumped up the things we felt worked well for Total Overdose. We also included real crazy over-the-top end bosses!

On top of that we added three new game modes and some challenge missions using the game mechanics in new exciting ways, so in total there are almost 50 completely new levels for the player to enjoy. You can say that we distilled the action elements of Total Overdose to a purer form. It's like a shot of tequila compared to a margarita.

Above: Free missions will be mixed up with on-rails - hanging on helicopter rails in this case - sections

What challenges have you had adapting the gameplay to PSP? Are you ditching the GTA-style city sections, or making any other changes to speed up play?
First of all, we needed to have a mission format that would fit the handheld platform. Having worked on many handheld titles, I've learned that people play in a different way on handhelds than on consoles. It's got to be short and sweet; very tight and concentrated.

So we decided to remove the free-roaming aspects to come up with a much more action-packed game format that would allow you to experience instant action instead of going looking for it.

Second, we needed to get the controls working on PSP, and adapt it to one stick control. We've done lots of other things, too - for instance, we've hooked much more gameplay up on the style moves and combo system, since we wanted to elaborate on those mechanics.

Speaking of style, the Loco Moves were some of Total Overdose's most memorable moments - can we expect some new or reworked moves?
The original Total Overdose team did a fantastic job coming up with the crazy Loco Moves. It's been hard to top them without disrupting the balance of the game in one way or another... the original moves were just so effective.

The Mad Wrestler move, although already crazy, has been given an overhaul so he's now a huge hairy dude in a gimp outfit. We call him El Gimpo, and when you unleash him he runs around the level yelling through a ball-gag punching unknowing enemies with his massive fists. It's hilarious. We're keeping quiet on the new moves, though - you'll have to wait to play the game!