Check out this custom Spider-Man Miles Morales PS5 you'll wish was real

If Miles Morales ever gets his hands on a limited edition PS5 console, you can only imagine it would look something like this supremely rad custom render by Italian digital artist Giuseppe Spinelli and LetsGoDigital.

In the incredible trailer above, you can see the professional level of detail Spinelli put not only into the console render, but the PS5 DualSense controller and production itself. The web design lightly etched into the matte/gloss shell is an elegant backdrop to the 3D Spider-Man emblem, and the red accents and reflecting materials just tie the whole thing together into an irresistibly badass package. And of course, a testament to the creators' editing prowess are the lightning effects shooting from the console and controller.

Perhaps the best thing about this render is the fact that by way of interchangeable side plates, it's a real possibility that your launch edition PS5 could look like this in the future. Of course, it's also just as likely that PlayStation comes out with its own official PS5 limited editions, and with Spider-Man: Miles Morales being one of the most hyped upcoming PS5 games, it wouldn't be surprising to see something like this hit the shelves at some point.

On that front, Sony hasn't said anything concrete, but marketing head Eric Lempel has assured that we'll hear about PS5 special editions at some point. "We'll talk about it at some point," he said. "It's a hard enough job to get the unit that we showed out but we'll talk about it at some point."

Of course, you're probably not worried much if you've managed to pre-order the $10,000 gold PS5.

Jordan Gerblick

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