Check out the cursed majesty that is the Doom Eternal Doomicorn skin

(Image credit: Bethesda)

If you weren't already excited about Doom Eternal, it's time to get rabid for it. The Doomicorn skin is the pitch-perfect customization option that you'll absolutely need to have.

Doom Eternal drops on March 20 and it's bringing a bunch of cosmetic skins with it, including a rather revealing set of armor that shows off the Doom Slayer's physique, a zombie version of Doomguy, and um...a unicorn? I'm sorry, a Doomicorn.

The Doomicorn skin is a Twitch Prime exclusive - get it by connecting your account to your account between March 20 and April 21. This majestic (and cursed) customization is part of the Doomicorn Slayer Master Collection, which includes a 'Clip Clop Stance Animation' for multiplayer Battlemode use (help us) and a 'Magic Meadow' podium for you to show off the glorious skin. And that's not all you'll be getting with the Doomicorn Slayer Master Collection. Check out all the goodies below:

  • 'Doomicorn' Slayer skin
  • 'Purple Pony' skin variant
  • 'Night-mare' skin variant
  • 'Magic Meadow' base podium
  • 'For Those Who Dare to Dream' maxed-out podium
  • 'Clip Clop' stance animation
  • 'Haymaker' intro animation
  • 'Horsing Around' victory animation
  • 'Love Conquers All' player icon

Check out all the details on Bethesda's website. That's quite a lot of Twitch Prime exclusives, don't you think? If you were on the fence about getting a membership, this may help you make a decision. 

Doom Eternal drops in all its unicorn-y, heavy-metal glory for Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Google Stadia on March 20, with a Nintendo Switch port scheduled to launch shortly afterward. 

Of course Doom Eternal has its own heavy metal choir.

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