Of course Doom Eternal has its own heavy metal choir

The Doom Eternal soundtrack is every bit as metal as Doom 2016's, and as composer Mick Gordon explains in a new video from Bethesda, this is partly thanks to a 20-person heavy metal choir. 

"[Doom Eternal] is a continuation of Doom 2016, but this really needs its own unique approach," Gordon says. "The big question is, right, how do you put together a heavy metal choir? The best way we figured out how to do it would be to put out an open call and invite heavy singers to apply to join this awesome ensemble of badasses." 

Gordon and the audio team narrowed it down to 20 vocalists from a variety of bands and backgrounds. The final choir is a fairly even split of men and women, and incorporates sounds ranging from trap metal to Mongolian metal. And you can tell these folks are legit metal, because they come from bands with names like Accursed Creator, Apothica, and Aborted. There's also a singer from Vault Dweller, which is oddly fitting given that this is for a Bethesda game soundtrack.

"We'd already discussed some chants that harken back to the Slayer's origins," says lead audio designer Chad Mossholder. "The idea of taking a heavy metal choir and having them do the chants for the Slayer was amazing." 

You can listen to a few of those chants at the end of the video above. For more on how Doom Eternal feels (spoilers: bigger, smarter, and bloodier than ever), check out our latest hands-on preview.  

Bethesda reckons Doom Eternal will be twice as long as Doom 2016.  

Austin Wood

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