Check out Overwatch's golden guns, coming in Competitive Mode

Whether you unlock them by show of skill or microtransaction, golden guns have become a staple of online shooters. Blizzard has decided on the former option for Overwatch: the only way to get special golden guns for all your favorite heroes will be to take names in the upcoming Competitive Mode. If you're not sure you'll have the chops to earn them - I know I'm not - you can at least see what they look like in the gallery below (via Korean Overwatch community site inven).

Reddit user itstake says these images came from a public test conducted in Korea, and they had a some more information to share: golden guns, hammers, et. al can be unlocked in the hero gallery by spending "Competition Points", rather than by opening loot boxes like all the other customization options. Game director Jeff Kaplan says in the below video that higher-skilled players will be able to unlock golden guns first, so it stands to reason that you'll earn more Competition Points by performing well.

Kaplan also revealed that you'll be able to earn special spray tags and player icons for participating in each season. Speaking of which, the first season (Summer 2016) is still set to kick off by the end of June, letting players battle for top placement across two and a half months of competition. Then after a two-week-ish break, it will be on to the Fall 2016 season.

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