Overwatch Competitive Mode is still coming in June

Overwatch won't get Competitive Mode, its first big content update, until at least July. Blizzard was previously targeting June for the ranked mode that lets players work their way up the ladder in one-to-three-month seasons.

Update: Blizzard says it tweeted wrong, and that we're still on track to get Competitive Mode this month. Yay!

Back to the original story: The official Overwatch Twitter account confirmed the new time table in some Twitter replies back on May 27. Since then it seems to have backed off from specific release windows entirely.

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Even if you're not interested in testing your might in Competitive Mode, the news still affects all Overwatch players; game director Jeff Kaplan said in a launch Q&A that "Competitive Mode is the big focus and that's gonna be the first large content update", which means you probably shouldn't expect other stuff like new maps and modes until it gets sorted out.

Although if getting Competitive Mode up to snuff (it was briefly available in the Overwatch closed beta but was removed due to player feedback) is taking longer than Blizzard expected, it may shuffle around some of its plans just to keep new stuff flowing into the game.

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